Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Almost Time for School!!

These boxes came today from UPS and they contain the school supplies for the boys for our "homeschooling" for this next school year. I was so happy that the UPS guy brought the boxes in because I can't lift and I wasn't sure how heavy they would be. He then looked over at me and could see my lovely tube and bag and said, "He can sign." meaning Taylor. So, Taylor signed for his first UPS delivery today. We peaked in Taylor's boxes today and we'll peak in Kelton's tomorrow. As we bring everything out and get into this whole new world, I will keep posting so ya'll can be a part of our adventure.

Young Men's Camp

This year the young men's presidency planned a more fun type camp instead of a rigid watch your clock and pass of as many badges as possible. Sometimes if you plan it to tight you suck the fun out of what you're trying to teach the youth. I'm pretty sure we could have gotten most of the kids gear over to the church in one car, but we would have had to leave the kids at home. In order to pack everything they would need for all week last week (7-18 to 7-22) we had to use both cars.

Kenny's back seat with Kelton's gear. Of course no one was on the same page, so some people were told to be at the church at noon (us) others at 1 pm. We husled to get the cars loaded, me ready to drive and get to the church on time.

This is my trunk with both of the boys bikes in there. Kenny did some creative loading to fit 2 mountain bikes into our trunk.

My back seat with Taylor's gear. I love how he has his new fedora on top of his bag with his glasses. He also had a goodie bag that was never out of his sight. Kelton's was always in sight, but a little less conspicuous. Taylor had on the fedora, glasses and goodie bag protected under his arm.

Last, but not least, Kenny's trunk. He had all the bedding, foam sleeping mats and camp chairs in there. I know it doesn't sound like much, but he doesn't have much of a trunk. Most of the "usable" space is being taken up with one of Kenny's hobbies.

Kelton testing out his bike before they go. We took it to Taylor's Bike Shop on 5400 south and they did an amazing job. They did a complete overhaul on this bike (it is the one that Kenny got hit on). Their work is amazing and they went above what we asked for and their prices are very reasonable. Even with what Kenny already has so he can do his own tune-ups on his bikes, he couldn't buy the parts or the one other tool that he needed for less than what they charged us.

Taylor trying out his bike. They had both been in storage for a while and I think that it was good for them to both try out their bikes before leaving.

Taylor's bike was having some problems that Kenny needed to fix. We had plenty of time to use the parking lot while it was empty since we were there at noon! I just couldn't help taking a picture of Kenny on a little bike :)

Brother Bigelow is the person who has the membership up East Canyon where they went for their camp. He is also the proud owner of this boat. He took the boys out water skiing. I didn't hear how that went but I do know that some of them were also pulled on intertubes. They all had so much fun. Taylor went out on one of the tubes and had a blast.

These are the boys that are closer to my boys ages and who they mostly hang around with. They are all really good boys. One has a little bit of an attention issue, but I told my boys that maybe if all 4 of the other boys invite him to more things and try to befriend him and teach him a few things that he might be just fine and a lot of fun to be with.

This is the Suburban that our boys quickly disappeared into to leave. I had horrible mom guilt all day that I didn't do the whole hug and I Love You thing before we left.

I can't remember who this Brother is but he was a hoot. He ended up with all the older boys in his car together and he was teasing them that he didn't want them all in one car. As he was pulling away it could be heard by all around, this Brother announcing, "I already need a Valium!"

Of course there were some bumps in the road. Kelton broke his brother's sleeping bag and then gave it back to him and took the non broken sleeping bag. Yes, there was a discussion when he arrived home. I've been a little out of it, but I do know that they went swimming in the swimming pools and in the lake. They also did a downhill mountain bike ride that resulted in many bruises and a broken helmet. That was just what happened to Taylor.

I have to add Taylor's bike ride because it is classic Taylor. I guess he walked his bike for a little bit and thought that it had leveled out a bit so he got on his bike and started down, mind you never having gone mountain biking. He soon went over his handlebars, landed on his head and went skidding down the mountain for quit a ways (his sound effect: ugugugugugugugugugugug). Taylor totally broke the front of his helmet, gashed open his elbow and has "road rash" all down his right side. He has some narly bruises. Taylor jumped up once he stopped sliding and said, "that was so cool!"

Even though they both called once to come home, they made it until Friday and came home safe and only a little damaged. In all fairness, we would have gone and gotten them earlier but with my complications everyone was already run down and couldn't drive up to get them. Sorry boys, it was because of me and now you will have something really juicy to talk about in therapy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

More Arena Football!!!

We were able to attend the last home game for the season for the Blaze. We also let the boys invite a friend, and so we introduced 2 new boys to the whole arena football scene. I think they may be hooked.

Above is Shawn, Taylor, Ethan, and Kelton. All 4 of them are allergic to camera's but were so into the game. It was so exciting to see them so excited and yelling at the team.

This is the car that they gave away during half time. I entered for a chance to win this Nissan Versa along with 20,000 other people. Some hopefully sweet lady from Ogden won. Congratulations to the winner!!

I love this blimp! I never get anything from it but it's fun to see it fly around the stadium and see how crazy people get when it flies overhead.

This is just after the intense ending of the game and both teams are just finishing congratulating each other. I show this picture to make the point that white spandex should be banned from all forms of football. We all know how big those line backers are and they really aren't much bigger than me and I even know not to wear white spandex. I don't even think spanx would help the situation :)

At the beginning of the game there was an announcement that someone had died on Friday. I missed the name and I'm not sure of all the players in the AFL. I have never seen this before after any football game. This game was dedicated to the person who lost their life and then all the players knelled after the game and bowed their heads. I was very impressed with how they came together. I do know that many of the players are religious and attend one of the local Christian church's here in the Salt Lake Valley when they are in town. Not that it is the breaking point on if I would like the team, but it showed when they came together to show respect for one of their own.

The game was intense, our new inductees to this world of football were glued to the game, I was impressed by all the players (especially when they were getting really tough and helmets were flying). We had so much fun and I'm so glad we could let the boys take friends. It helped make the night that much more memorable for them.

When Pedicures go wrong

This whole story started a few days ago when I received an email from my friend Katie. She sent me the link to a local channel's talk show when they featured ideas on how to do your own pedicure and have pretty toes. The actual name is "Simple Tips for Summer Pretty Toes." Here is the link:

I want to make sure you have this so that you can enjoy some of the ideas that are in here and so that you can understand what went wrong. I had shared some of the information that was part of this article with someone who wishes to remain nameless. You will completely understand by the time I'm done telling you what she did. I told her about how I tried part of step 4 which suggests that you use Olive Oil on your feet. Because of the fatty acids it contains it can help your feet look dramatically better overnight. She sent me a text asking me again how to do this part so she could try it and get her feet sandal ready for the next day. I explained in great detail how I had tried it, "my explanation started with how I had put olive oil on a paper towel and rubbed the oil into my foot and then put a sock on it. I then got a new paper towel (because there was no way the same paper towel was going to touch my feet and the opening of my olive oil, yuck!) and did the same thing to my other foot." They were noticeably better the next morning and if I had followed some of the other tips in the article my feet would be looking so good today.

I didn't hear from this dear friend until yesterday when she called to inform me that her story was totally blog worthy but that I couldn't tell anyone who she is. This is her part of the story and how she interpreted my text.

She had gotten into the shower and had used a pumas stone on her feet and then when she got out of the shower she proceeded to apply some "as seen on tv" foot rub that smelled like peppermint. Somewhere in this process she went to get the olive oil and found that she didn't have regular olive oil, she only had the non-stick spray olive oil. I think she said that it was even the Wal Mart brand. That part means nothing other than I think it's a funny part of the story that she had added. So, she doesn't want anyone to see her with the spray olive oil so she snuck it from the kitchen to the downstairs bathroom. After she had pumased, and rubbed on the peppermint "as seen on tv" crap on her feet; she then turned on the shower and the fan and anything else she could think of so that no one outside the bathroom could hear her in there spraying her feet with non-stick spray olive oil. She noticed that there was a strange new color to her feet, but, she just put on her socks to make sure she didn't leave little yellowish footprints all over the house. Other than the color, there must have been another reaction between the foot rub and the olive oil because when she walked into the room some of her family looked up and said, "What is that smell?!" She went about her business like she had no clue and soon was curled up in a blanket watching the movie with the rest of her family. At some point she needed to get up and once again there came a comment, this time from her son who also wanted to know where that smell was coming from. I think he was onto her though because he was looking right at her when she had uncovered her feet and the smell hit him. She will neither confirm nor deny anything at this point to anyone else.

As of the time when I had spoken with her yesterday there was no lasting side effects, however, she had taken her socks off while she slept and she had not gone to see what her socks or her sheets looked like. We're both hoping that it didn't stain the socks or bedding.

The link to the article above has some amazing suggestions that I can't wait to try, other than the olive oil. I would like to ask that if you try any of the suggestions within the article that you only do so if you are going to follow the directions that are given and promise to not get all creative on me. If that happens, I may be forced to remove the link and make you go to one of those dirty pedicure places. I think not! I would never do that to any of you. Just promise that you won't get creative and combine things that you don't know what they will do.

If you are not a chemist and you don't know nor can you pronounce most of what is on the bottle, don't combine it with anything else unless you know a chemist and can ask!

Of Pigs, Pearls, and Prodigals

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I learned so much about what Jesus taught and how to use it in my every day life. It also helped me to re-evaluate some of my priorities. I loved being able to read the parable and then the commentary that helped to bring it to my level in a way that I could not only understand some of the parables better but also learn how they can make me a better person.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Absolutely priceless!!!

My 14 year old son and his little cousin. I love seeing this side of my boys. They both love their younger cousins and will play with them for forever at a time and spoil them when they can.

Cousins with Attitude

We all got together as a family on Saturday with Kenny's family for family pictures.
I love getting pictures of my boys when they are having fun and showing tons of attitude. The last picture I have of them is several years old and they have grown so much since then.

Could I have gotten any more attitude? I think not.

I then had to get all the older cousins involved. Kayla is totally able show some good attitude. Watch out mom and dad :)

I love this one with my boys and Benji. He is learning quickly how to show some attitude.

Benji totally has it down here. I love the glare over the glasses. Priceless!!!

When we get the rest of the pictures I will definitely show all the pictures that we took.
I can't wait to see them!! Until then I will enjoy these attitude children :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Floppy Disks

We are watching the "old" transformers cartoons and they made a mention of floppy disks. I started laughing and because I have been making fun of most of what they say in the cartoon for the majority of the time that it has been on, Kelton didn't think this was funny at all. So, I asked him if he knew what floppy disks ever were. Kelton answered with, "yay mom, they are disks that are floppy." I'm still laughing so hard that this is hard to type. Taylor caught a break in my laughter and said that they were disks that we had our games on. That was a little closer but I love hearing what they think things are that was common knowledge when I was a kid (or teenager).

I'm sure I'll add another blog entry in about 5 billion astro seconds!!

Comic Book Club

The idea of a comic book club was first mentioned by Chase, my cousin Jessie's son. He thought up this whole idea and even had a sign up sheet for all of his classmates to sign up on if they wanted to attend. To Jessie's surprise, almost every one in Chase's class signed up. Yesterday was their second meeting and my boys were able to go and enjoy reading comics with other kids.

Kelton and Taylor were a little nervous at first because they are the oldest kids in the group. It didn't take long for them to find their nitch and the group that had the same interest as them. There were 15 kids total there for this meeting, however, unless I had all the parents sign releases or something I didn't feel comfortable taking other kids pictures and posting them.

There was a lot of comic book reading which totally surprised me. The kids would take a book and read it and share cool parts with someone sitting by them and then they would trade out their book for another one and there was so much reading going on for an hour! There was also several serious discussions. Comics aren't all fun and not everyone is going to agree with the content in each issue. I got a chance to tell Chase how cool I thought it was that he had come up with this idea and how great it was as a way to keep the kids reading during the summer. He had to think about it for a minute and then said, "I never thought of it that way." I told him I was pretty sure he hadn't but as a mom that was my first thought. Good job Chase for having such a good idea.

Like I said there were some pretty interesting discussions and we had a few "good" kids who were very quick to point out if they felt like the comic book they had was to graphic for them. Evidently not all children are okay with seeing guts ripped out or an arm getting cut off. I think it's easier to say that those kids are too sheltered, not that my kids are too desensitized.

These three monkeys came home with me, well I guess I should have at least taken 2 of them, they are mine. Since I didn't get any other pictures, that would require me to remember my camera more than once in a day, I didn't get any pictures of them swimming. Chase came home with us and we went swimming in our pool. I think we were there for close to 2 hours and they had a ball the entire time. With one teenager and two tweens I was amazed to not have any arguing, whining, or any other form of not getting along. They were so wonderful!!

I made their night by ordering pizza and letting them sleep in the front room and stay up watching a movie. I had to totally rearrange the furniture and I wasn't even sure Kenny was going to be able to get out the front door to leave for work this morning. I was nice and didn't take their pictures while they were asleep but only Kelton and Chase stayed in the living room, Taylor went to his bed. His recliner was the one blocking the door, Kenny was able to get out for work. I was so proud to be able to announce that I had stayed up this morning when Kenny got up and was going to cook a good breakfast before I had to get Chase home early for his swimming lesson. However, I fell asleep and woke up when we were supposed to be leaving. I only had health food and no milk for cereal. I had to take the poor child home without feeding him. I may soon be fired from sleepovers.

When Kelton and I got back from taking Chase home Taylor had put the front room back together and both boys collapsed back into their recliners and watched the "old" Transformers cartoons that we got from Netflix. I would almost bet that Chase makes it through his lesson and then crashes at home. They played hard yesterday and they were outside almost all day and then stayed up late. I didn't even do half of what they did and I'm ready for a nap, or should I say another nap :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Taylor's Protectors

Sunday morning long before we went to pick up the boys from the McCleery/Mancill household, I received this picture from my Aunt Donna. My uncle Ron had cooked breakfast and was nice enough to make enough for Kenny and I when we got there to pick up the boys. It was such a wonderful way to start our Sunday. An amazing breakfast with family and with lots of good fun conversation. I even got to finally try the fried spam that I have heard so much about, I think I've been converted. I like Spam. I like eggs and Spam. I could eat them in a box. Okay, I know enough.

I just love this picture of Taylor with Molly (black pug) and Star (brown dog). Donna named it, "Taylor's Protectors"

Sunday Drive

Kenny and I decided to go for a drive last night to look around at a couple homes that we had found for rent. Our lease is up in a couple of months and we are trying to decide if we want to pay the new higher amount and stay or pay close to the same or a little higher and move. I really don't want to move, I like where we are at.

We drove over to Taylorsville to look at a condo that was still a 2 bedroom but was huge. We accidentally turned onto the wrong street and, oh my, can we say GHETTO! We found the ghetto of Taylorsville. The street that we were looking for was one street over and it looked the same. I know that every city can have one, I just didn't think that my old stomping ground would have an area that bad.

For kicks and giggles we decided to drive out to West Valley (almost Magna, but not) to see a modular home. Once again, we pulled onto the wrong street and we both were very happy that the doors were locked. This was past ghetto, this was a big hell no!! We went down the street and found the correct "neighborhood" and it was better but still not quit right for us.

While we were out for our Sunday Drive we used the time the best we could. We keep thinking of looking at a couple mobile home parks over by where one of Kenny's co-workers lives. We hopped onto the freeway and headed to a slightly better part of West Valley and started looking. The first one we looked at was actually really nice. It was so clean and quiet and there were lots of spots open if we wanted to pick out a brand new modular home and put in that development. I hope you're noticing my well chosen wording, they are neighborhoods, not the aluminum ghetto! Totally a Kenny term. We went down the street to the next neighborhood and even though I know there are a lot of homes in there to rent, there was also a lot of children out running wild and playing at 9:30 at night. Not quit right for us again.

Our last stop was some condo's that are in a better part of Taylorsville. We found one neighborhood that was wonderful and there were even 2 condo's in there for sale. That one was right for us, at least on the outside in twilight. We went to the next condo neighborhood that was just South of the first one and it was so crammed together. I can handle living in close Quarters, but that was beyond what I could deal with. That one got a very quick no as soon as we pulled in and I saw how it was set up. I don't think I'm that hard to please, but we found some doosies last night. It made me grateful for what we already have.

I was also grateful that we got to watch the little rainbow change and the sky change to the East as the sun went down behind us in the West. Driving around with my sweetheart surrounded by beauty really made me think and remember how blessed I already am and that I don't need more, I already have all my needs met.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This is my cousin Jessie and me.

Jessie and her husband won tickets to the Hale Center Theater for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Her husband had to work and other family members had things that had to be done today so Jessie called to see if Kenny and I would like to go to the play. I asked Jess if she wanted to see the play because if she did I would go with her. She was totally okay with that and I got to have a girls evening out.

I know that there is a movie called Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, however, I have never seen it. So, I went to this play not knowing anything about the story or what to expect. I LOVED IT!!! I loved the music, the dancing and I laughed so much. There were so many great one liners and so many good dresses that twirled wonderfully. Yes, twirling is very important.

I have always known that we have a lot of talented people here in Utah, but the actors were amazing. So much better than I ever could have expected. The main character, Lawrence Jameson, was played by David Tinney. He did an amazing job and he is so very handsome. His co-conspirator, Andre Thibault, was played by Jeffrey Whitlock. He also did an amazing job and was just perfect. The chemistry between Tinney and Whitlock was perfect. I loved watching all of the other characters and the dancers were amazing. I loved both of their maid costumes, they had lots of tulle and twirled like nothing I've seen before. I do have to say that I loved Debra Weed as Jolene Oaks. She did such an amazing job dancing and singing and explaining Oklahoma to Lawrence. The song was so funny. I am impressed with how long the song was and she danced the entire time and was never winded while she sang.

Every one did an amazing job and I was very impressed with the Hale Center Theater over all.

I also have to thank Kenny for watching all of our boys while Jessie and I went to the play.
Thank You, Thank You Kenny!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Can anyone please explain the thought behind this?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Humbled by Asphalt

On Sunday we got up early and went to church with Kenny's cousin Steve because he was blessing their new baby that morning. The blessing was beautiful and I was so happy to be there and to be able to share that moment with their family. We love spending time with Steve and Kymrie and their family.

My plan was to go home and rest a little and then go to our ward for Sunday school and relief society. I also shared my thought that I wanted a fountain drink on the way home. We decided to go to the Maverik gas station by our home and I filled my cup with my coveted Coke Zero.

I had to add the Maverik sign just in case you live somewhere without one. They have the best soft drinks after Dt. Coke from McDonalds. Back to my story. I also need to add that Kenny gave me a full pill to help with my anxiety that morning. So, as the morning went on I started to move a little slower and was becoming a little more unsteady on my feet. You hopefully recognize the shoe below, it is one of my new pairs that I bought when Kenny and I went shopping on Saturday.

I was wearing a really cute denim skirt, a blue tank with a white dress shirt over the top and these so cute shoes. When we got home from getting our drinks I was getting really unsteady, so I was walking really really slow. I made it almost to the sidewalk but instead I went down. I didn't just go down, I fell in slow motion in front of one of our neighbors who is in a wheelchair. He started yelling, Kenny turned around and saw me on the asphalt and my drink all over the sidewalk. I fell under the carport for one of our neighbors and twisted my ankle and had road rash up both of my shins. I don't know how I looked when I fell, but the poor guy in the wheelchair was still hollering up the stairs at us to make sure I was okay.

There were many lessons learned that morning: Never take a full anxiety pill and wear new wedge shoes. Probably shouldn't "break the Sabbath" just for a Coke Zero. I also didn't get to go to anymore church that day because I took some pain meds and fell asleep. I then also spent the entire 4th of July day in bed in pain and asleep. Some of that could be blamed on my Fibromyalgia but I think the fall had something to do with it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Dinner at Grandma's

Our boys had spent Saturday helping their Grandmas Shauna and Chris doing yard work and whatever else needed to be done. I heard that they both worked their little fanny's off and then stayed up to 2:30 in the morning watching movies. Needless to say, most everyone had enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning and when we got there just after 4 pm Taylor was asleep taking a nap.

While Taylor was napping, Kenny and Kelton were playing catch in the backyard. They had so much fun and I'm happy to announce that the ball didn't go over any of the fences. Wheeeeew!

We had steak for dinner. Mmmmmmmmm carcass!

Here is the master griller herself, Chris! Not sure why a screwdriver was needed, but I've learned to never question because there is always a good reason for everything.

Oh no, here we are at the dinner table starting to dish up and I don't remember if I smarted off or if Kenny did but Chris is trying so hard not to totally crack up and as you can tell Mom is not happy. Boy, I wish I could remember what was said!

Here's the boys at the other end of the table sort of oblivious to what is happening between the adults. They act like their not paying attention and then when you least expect it, they will bring up whatever was said and embarrass the guilty person. We have to be on our toes at all times with these boys.

Since it is the day before the 4th of July, we had to do fireworks. Here are our pyro's now. We're missing one, where is Kenny? He did light a few fireworks and then sat down and proudly announced that the torch has been passed on.

Our apprentice pyro's at work in the street. They had so much fun!

And here is some of the show that we enjoyed from our master pyro Chris and the apprentice pyro's Kelton and Taylor.

For whatever reason my stupid phone made all the pictures outside look so blurry. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but at least you can still tell what is going on :)

What a perfect Sunday spent with family!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Date Day (yes, I said day)

What an amazing Saturday we have had. I got to start the morning by doing my nails, they are now strengthened with acrylic and are a cute pink. We then got to attend the baptism of Kenny's cousin Steve's son. I can't believe that their oldest is now 8 and old enough to be baptized. All of the family that participated in giving talks did a wonderful job. Congratulations Drake!!!

After the baptism, we came home and my mom and Chris were already here and ready to take the boys. They were recruited to help do yard work. Mom and Chris have a huge yard and there is no way Chris and Becca can or should have to handle all of that alone. Not with us near and our boys at the perfect age to work.

Once they were gone we went and got Kenny's hair cut and then went and saw Larry Crowne. I loved it! It was such a good movie and reflects so much of what most of us are going through in life right now. There is something for everyone in this movie. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts make such a cute couple and their chemistry was amazing. They were just so cute together.

After the movie we didn't feel like going home, so we went and looked at furniture. We drove out to Furniture Row and IKEA. We walked all through the shops on furniture row and fell in love with a sectional that is cream colored, has 3 recliners and a chaise lounge. It would perfect in our home. We also found some beds that we liked for the boys. I wish we could get it all. We wandered over to Ashley Warehouse and looked around. I was actually surprised that neither of us found anything that we really liked. There was one couch that had a chaise and an ottoman with a matching chair. They didn't have prices on any of their furniture, just the "old" price crossed out. I made the mistake of asking how much the set would be and it was quickly steered into a high pressure sales situation. I have never had to deal with that at a furniture store and I did not appreciate the tactics that this sales woman used to try to close the deal. When she kept pushing after we said no, I told her that it was still our decision and that we needed to wait. To my horror, she said well if you come back tomorrow I can tell you the price will be different. Like threatening us with a different price is going to make us drop everything and buy a sofa we only kind of like. Oh, you so don't even try to use threats to make me do something. I will only dig my heels in even more and get even more snotty. I will never go back to an Ashley store!!

After that we went over to IKEA and looked around. We were looking for some things that would help us get organized. We found some hanging shelves to put in the boys closet so that we can get rid of at least one dresser in their room and help to give them some more room to move around. I can't wait to help them organize their clothes. We wanted to just look at dishes because the ones that we bought at an expensive department store haven't worked out for us to well. Almost every plate has chipped and they are just big, heavy and awkward. We found these cute sets of dishes for a smokin' deal and so we had to get them. We got rid of our ugly plastic dishes and our chipped expensive dishes and these so cute blue dishes are in the dishwasher right now.

We haven't bought new glasses since we lived in our first house on 320 West in Tooele. If you know us, then you know that was a long time ago (and right now I'm to tired to do the math). We found these for another smokin' deal and they have a blue tint to them so they look great with the dishes. I love IKEA!!!
We stopped to look at motorcycles, but the store was already closed. Guess that will have to be for another day :)

We did stop to get something to eat and had dinner for under $10. We went to Burger King and got their chicken sandwich for cheap, shared fries and each got a large drink. So far we have had hit deal after deal. It was becoming a game for me. We went to Target to get a fan for our room because it turns into an oven in the morning when the sun first comes up and shines strait into our room.

Our last stop was at Payless shoe store. They have all their sandals on sale, some of them 50% off. I have wanted to get sandals ever since the weather hit 55 degrees. I wanted some cute little wedge sandals that had wicker and were just cute. I found them! Yes, them, I found so many pairs of sandals and somehow narrowed it down to 3 pairs. They were all so cheap, I didn't pay over $8 for any of them. I am so excited. I was planning my outfit for church tomorrow around which pair of shoes I wanted to wear first. I think I may be turning into my sister :) As you look at each of these pictures, you have to notice one thing.

heehee happy yellow, only $8!

Blue checks, I feel like it could be Dorthy's dress :) only $8!

This picture just didn't want to turn out but these are wicker on the bottom and denim on the sides and top with leather laced around the shoe. These ones, only $5!! Oh, yeah!

Did you notice anything? Not one pair of shoes is brown or black. I have an entire closet of brown and black shoes so that they will go with everything. I am so excited to wear all of these shoes and add some color to my feet.

I can't believe how much we crammed into our day and we are still going to watch another movie. An oldie but one that I really like, Young Guns. I haven't seen it in a very long time and Kenny doesn't really remember ever watching it.

What an amazing and fun day and I got to share it with my best friend!