Tuesday, August 24, 2010

But wait there's more!!

I can't even believe that it has been over a month since I have updated this poor blog. I promise to be better at this, but to give you any idea of how this last month went I'm going to give you the quick synopsis.

It started with a birthday party for Jason, here's a picture of the happy birthday boy. I don't think he had enough Corona's in him at this point to be happy about being a year older.

Kenny and I struggled to decide if we wanted to take the boys to the 24th of July parade this year since he had the day off work and we haven't taken them there, like ever! In the end, we decided to go early and walk around at the convention center and see the parade floats in an air conditioned building. I took lots of pictures and will hopefully get them up before Halloween, but if it gets to close, just know we had fun and we voted on our favorite floats and we got to see Aunt Fran and Uncle Kenny. It was a fun evening out.

Sometime after this event, I started having pain in my left arm and shoulder. It wouldn't go away and so after 2 weeks I figured I should get it checked since I could hardly move my arm. Of course everything came back fine except for one little blood test. So, I found a doctor (I know I was led to him because he has been amazing) and he was able to help with some of my pain. He did the pressure test and asked me a few other questions and then informed me that I have Fibromyalgia. I know, you all knew this already but I was happy living in denial. But, now I'm happy because Lyrica is amazing!!!

Then we had our annual 24th of July bash. Ya'll can hate me because I sat back and enjoyed myself and sorry, but I didn't take one picture. I was also on pain killers to help me just get out of bed because my arm was still hurting so bad. We had tons of fun and as usual, the street was lit on fire. Shortly after, the asphalt was redone in Mom's circle. That has now become a tradition too.

I was called back into the doctors office and was informed that my blood work was all over the place, that I have tons of inflammation, and am low on blood. Oh, and by the way, they had to draw more blood that day. Does anyone care that I'm already low? I should have caught on when my blood pressure was normal. At least now I know how to get a normal blood pressure reading, figure out how to be about 2 units low on blood when I go in next time. Now I'm left to wait for my doctors appointment with a Rheumatologist, only a month and one week left.

But wait, there's more. My life wouldn't be like any good infomercial if there wasn't something else to add to our month that's not even done yet.

Kenny was also involved in helping with the food storage order for this month and had focused on water storage. It was a great idea and I know we needed to focus on that and we had a lot of people interested. However, the only time we had to take care of the orders was while Kenny was at work on the Saturday before he left for Scout Camp. So, I got to deposit all the checks and find the Emergencies Essential store and place our order. They called during the week while Kenny was gone to inform me that the order was in. Unfortunately, the store closed before I could get there, so Kenny had to come with me to pick up the order right after unloading everything from camp. Poor guy, he gets no break.

We also had to get both boys into the doctors to have physicals because they were both leaving for Boy Scout Camp and had to get all their papers signed by their doctor for camp. We then quickly made sure we had everything for the boys and Kenny to leave for a week in the wilderness. They had so much fun and I will add the pictures later. Kenny survived and both the boys earned seven merit badges. I will do a separate post for their skit, it has to stand alone.

I think I might have gotten the laundry done from camp and am no where close to figuring out their clothing situation for school. But, we crammed in combat back to school shopping and was able to get the boys 4 outfits to start with. Thank you Grandma Shauna and Aunt Becka.

But wait, there's more. Did I mention that during all of this Kenny and I have still been working full time while squeezing in doctor appointments, parties, birthday's, camping, and on Kenny's part has been picking up all the slack at home because I'm exhausted when I finally make it home.

The boys are now in school and have survived their first 2 days. So far they love school and Kelton is excited to be playing the bass clarinet again this year. But then again, it's only the first 2 days, anything can happen tomorrow.

With everything that has happened, I just want to make it through the next week and let August end. Please pray for us to survive and that Kenny has a good birthday!!!