Monday, September 20, 2010


Do you ever sit back and reminisce about all the things that you have done so far in your life? I do it a lot and even though I'm not that old, I have been doing it more and more. When I was writing about Heri becoming a citizen it made me think of my family and made me want to learn more about them and who they are and were. I hope I don't bore you with the stories that I will be writing, but I have felt that I need to include my stories, my families stories and what is currently going on in our life on my blog.

Some of my favorite memories are of going for drives. I remember piling into the truck and leaving at the crack of dawn so we could drive to Fort Bridger during the mountain man rendezvous just so we could get scones for breakfast. I still remember those scones (Indian fry bread), they were the size of the plate and very thick with lots of air pockets. I would eat them with honey and it always ran down my arms and I would be a sticky mess.

One morning we loaded up and drove to Timpanogas Cave. Both of my parents loved to surprise us, especially my dad. We had no idea where we were going, we usually never did. I can still remember climbing up the mountain to get to the entrance. I even remember what I was wearing, I wanted to wear my favorite outfit for that summer, but we had to wear pants. I was in jeans with a t-shirt (light blue) and I had a sweatshirt tied around my waist. That was such an amazing day and it left such a strong impression on me that I can still remember clearly what it looks like inside the cave with all of the stalagmites. Another time we headed to one of the scenic drives we have in our local mountains; it was the Alpine loop. We stopped along the drive at the most beautiful place. It was all shaded with trees and there was a river running just off the side of the road. We had to cross this old white bridge to get to the picnic areas. Becca and I played and played and had so much fun throwing rocks from the bridge when no one was there fishing. It was cool that day and the leaves were just starting to change color. I think it was about this time of year when there's just a few trees that have changed to red or orange and the rest are still green.

I look back on my early years of my childhood and remember that there was always some adventure or another for us. I know without a doubt that my parents loved to spend time with us and when they could they would take us on some grand adventure. I never knew when it was coming or what we would do, but along with the trips to the mountains I remember my mom waking Becca and I up one morning and announced that we were going to spend the day at Lagoon.

As I write these stories and memories I will try to keep things as accurate as possible, but keep in mind that like everyone else out there, life was not always perfect and there are things that I hold close to my heart and will at times keep it that way. I love my family and would not want to break any confidences or write something that may hurt someone. So, in other words, I will sugar coat where needed. I am so excited to learn more about my family and share it with everyone. Most of all I'm excited to record what I find out so that my children will know their family.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Boys

My moments that I want to share today are not from today, but I just love them and wanted to share them with you.
These are two of the pictures Kenny took while he was at Boy Scout Camp with the boys a few weeks ago. He took lots of pictures of them and their friends that were there working in their groups to earn their merit badges, but these are the two that I love with each boy alone.

Here is Kelton alone in a field taking a break. I think this has to be one of my most favorite pictures of him ever!

This is completely Taylor. He is full of so much fun and love. He has the best sense of humor and is always making us laugh (or drop our mouth open in shock). I love his smile here and that hint of I could be up to something showing through in his eyes.

I love you two so much and am glad that you were able to reach this milestone together.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nap Time

In my Relief Society news letter this month they challenged us to "Capture a moment each day." They asked that we take our camera's with us and take a picture of something that we love about this time of year. I know this picture may be a weird way to start this challenge, but I thought it was sweet. Pets always know when your not feeling well and I was having a hard day, so when I finally got to rest for a minute they both forgot that they can't stand each other and curled up with me for a little nap.

Obviously, I didn't take this picture but I'm glad to have it. Thank you Kenny!!

Nine years later

I really can't believe that it has been 9 years since I sat watching planes fly into buildings over and over. I was glued to the T.V. all day in shock, I couldn't believe that something this bad could really happen. I spent the day worried for my family and wondering what this all meant. I was across the Country when all hell broke lose in New York and yet I was suddenly part of New York and wanting more than ever to be there to help. Seeing all those people hurt, especially the children, made me want to just go hold them and rock them and comfort them. I wanted so badly to be there to reassure these hurt children, some of whom were now orphans, that somehow they would be okay. I don't think I have ever hugged my children as much as I did during the next couple of weeks following 9-11.

What I truly wanted to share, other than a couple memories from that day, is what happened in my small town during the week that followed. While the entire Country was a no fly zone, I woke up one morning early and was lying in bed enjoying the peace before I had to start my day. While I was laying there I could hear a jet fly over head and circle our little town a couple of times. When I heard that I began to cry and I laid there with tears running onto my pillow thanking who ever was up there for watching over and protecting my little family and our town. I remember the safety that I felt knowing that our Air Force was watching over all of us, willing to put their lives on the line so that I could continue to know peace in my life. So that my children could continue to go to school with out worrying about something happening to them.

On this anniversary, amid all of the continued hatred, I wanted to take a minute to remember and thank all of the members of the Armed Forces, the New York Fire and Police Departments, and all the many volunteers that took the time to think of others before themselves. I want to thank the Airmen that flew over Grantsville and watched over all of us.

I would just like to ask that everyone take one day to set aside their differences so we can focus on the big picture. For one day 9 years ago we pulled together as a country and cared about each other without placing any boundaries on that love and concern. Please remember that day and carry it with you always. Please pray for those that continue to protect us, on both a national and local level, that they may be safe and be able to come home to their families.

Thank You and know that you are appreciated!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Week So Far

Don't worry, I'm not going to try to make this into a pathetic infomercial again. But, this has been a busy week and I am so glad to be home and available for my boys. It has brought me great peace. This time, I think I'll just try to do a quick bullet point update by the day. Hopefully this will work because it's almost time to pick the boys up from school and I like to ramble and add more detail than what anyone really needs to know. So, here we go:

Monday: Labor day!!!! yeah, Kenny had the day off and so he was home to help with grocery shopping. We also took the boys shoe shopping and we were able to get them both 2 pairs of shoes. Which for us means we bought 6 pairs of shoes. I really wish I could find a little boy out there that wore the same size shoes as Taylor only with the opposite feet difference so I could give him the other half of the pair.

Tuesday: Kids back in school, ran to Wal Mart to drop off Taylor's prescription and pick up items that we forgot while grocery shopping the day before. Had just enough time to eat lunch before picking up the kids from school and taking them back to Wal Mart so they could spend the money they earned from Grandma this weekend. Decided to get us all flu shots while we were there and ended up having Kelton go into shock and almost pass out in Wal Mart. I have never seen anyone go that white. The only color he had was dark purple circles around his eyes. He eventually was okay and we could leave and come home. He really did not think it was funny when I tried to tease him later and told him that he could pass for Edward.

Wednesday: Took kids to school and decided to dye my hair. As soon as I had the dye in my hair I got a call from the school informing me that Taylor was sick and needed to come home. Dang, now what? Poor Taylor had to wait 30 minutes to get picked up. I know, I should have just given up on my hair, but I was really tired of seeing my "natural highlights". It's a really good thing that I have really understanding boys. Taylor was okay after a while and even went with me to Lehi to pick up my last paycheck and have lunch with some of my co-workers. We all enjoyed our Costco Pizza and everyone thought it was hilarious that Taylor just announced that he was sluffing. He really was sick and had thrown up at school, I promise!!

As for today, Thursday, it has been a very quiet normal day. I found out that we are approved for the apartment we wanted and we will be moving in a few weeks. I was able to catch up with my long time friend Michele and it was so good to visit and realize that we are going through some of the same milestones with our children. We have both had conversations with our kids that have ended with them saying, "now I'm really disturbed" and walking away. Trying to explain puberty has become a challenge as well as slightly entertaining. Dinner is in the Crockpot and I'm hoping we have a quiet evening. A mother can hope, I have every right to think things will go smooth and there will be no bickering!!! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This Great Country

This past week Heri Sutanto, Carrie's husband, became one of the newest citizens of our Country. He has worked so hard to be able to finally reach this important day. It has taken him 18 years to become a citizen and to do it legally. There have been many hoops for him to jump through and many things that Carrie helped him with. I have been amazed at all that they had to do for the first 9 years of their marriage for Heri to be able to stand and say the oath and receive his certificate of citizenship.

Kenny and I talked the whole way home from Heri's party to celebrate his accomplishment about how easy we have had it. I have spent the last couple of days thinking of all the things that I have taken for granted in my life. I was born in this great Country and all the hard work had been done by my family members who immigrated to this Country just a few generations ago. I have spent time wondering about all they had to do to become citizens. I know they had to learn English, but other than that I'm not sure what they had to learn or how long it took them to get their citizenship. Did they come in through Ellis Island? I only know what Countries they came from, past that I have no idea how they came over or where they first started their lives here.

As for what I have taken for granted would have to include that I didn't have to be part of the beginning of this Country. I didn't have to fight for my freedom, that was already done for me. I was able to just grow up learning English in school and reading about the lives of those before me and all that they did so that I could attend school. I was able to have a childhood where I just got to worry about cleaning my room and playing with friends, I didn't have to stop school to work on a farm or in a factory to help support my family. I didn't have to stop school before I could even attend High School because I was needed at home to help raise my sibling like my Grandma had to do. I'm able to travel where I want, when I want. I'm able to practice my religion and even have this blog where I can write what I want without fear of being censored.

I am so thankful for all of our first generation families who came and helped to build this wonderful Nation that I get to enjoy living in. I also love seeing the new first generation of immigrants and how they are helping to shape and move this Nation forward. I am so thankful for all that each person brought with them and how it has impacted this Country to make it so diverse. I am so appreciative of a loving God that set this land aside for us to live in and has continued to bless it with his protection so that we can continue to have our freedom.

Congratulations Heri!!!

I have always loved having you as a member of our family and I am so excited for you to now be an official member of our Country. I also want to thank you for helping me to take a moment to realize all that you have gone through to reach this moment in your life and for helping me to take a moment (or several) to realize all that I have to be thankful for.