Wednesday, November 24, 2010

T's Humor

We are trying to pick up the house right now and get ready to leave to see their grandma's. I asked both boys to do a few certain things and even though they are doing them, they are being so silly.

One of the things that I asked them to do was take out the garbage and the dog. Taylor said that he was going to wear his flip flops (mind you it is 15 degrees outside). I tried to persuade him to put on shoes and then in my best mother voice said, "I don't want to hear you crying if you lose a toe from the cold." Taylor's response, "whatever, I already lost a toe." I almost died laughing that he would come back and burn me so fast.

For those of you who don't know, when Taylor was 3 we had to amputate one of his toes in one of his biggest surgeries that he has had to have. He was really upset when he found out that we had taken one of his toes away and was angry with me for a long time. I'm glad that he has finally found a way to be okay with what has happened and who he is. In that same surgery they had to break his leg and turn it so that it was straight since it was turning in.

While we were all laughing about Taylor's wit, Kelton said, "well then break a leg." Taylor's response, "that has already been done too." He then informed us that there's not much that hasn't already been done to him. I love it when our sick hospital/funeral humor kicks in.

Taylor just informed me that there better be a grave for his toe somewhere (even if it was imaginary), Los Angeles would be preferable. He said that he wants the gravestone to read, "Taylor's toe, lost in surgery."

I think I've subjected you to enough of our weird humor for today :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Son,

It has been brought to my attention that you think we have a never ending money tree on our balcony. I'm pretty sure where this misconception has come from, however, I do feel as your mother that I need to set this straight. As much as you love having video games to play with and Lego's to build, those things cost money. I know that you enjoy having a home to live in, food to eat and heat and hot water, but those things cost money as well. Just thought I should point out the obvious.

Being a normal 13 year old, I understand that you feel as though everything is about you. I remember that age and I'm pretty sure I much like you and I had to have the same obvious things pointed out to me. One of the things that I had to realize was that I was part of a family and that sometimes other people in the family need things also. I know how much you enjoy your ice cream every day, but dang it, your mother also needs her Diet Coke! I think that if we can sit down and talk we can find a compromise where we can both have our treats.

Your dad's mountain dew is another story, we'll worry about that later :)

I have spent some time lately wondering where I may have gone wrong? How is it that I missed this important lesson in life? And then it came to me, I can't teach you what I haven't learned yet. I feel so much better knowing that it isn't my fault, it's my parents*. Whew, dodged that bullet. Before I come down on you again for spending 2 months of lunch money in one month, I will learn how to follow a budget so I can help you understand that strange new word in our vocabulary, budget. I just ask that you be patient while I learn what this new word means before you start asking to many questions and trying to understand it before me.

I love ya, Son! I will always love you, even when you go wild with your lunch money and spend 2 months of money in less than 1 month.


*I feel as though I should add a disclaimer here; mom, I hope you know that I'm kidding. Did you read the sarcasm in that sentence? It is really important that you did, I really don't want another blog misunderstanding :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brotherly Love

I am always saying that I have the best kids in the world and something happened over the past two days that has confirmed that once again. I had a really bad day yesterday that started with me not able to wake up. I remember Kenny saying good by in the morning and then both boys coming in to wake me up and I just couldn't, I was so tired. Kelton still got ready for school, said bye and left for the bus. I am so proud of him for being so responsible. At 13 I would have been tempted to just go back to bed and say that I had accidentally slept in also, oh wait, I'm pretty sure I did that. Later in the day, Taylor was so excited to go spend some money that he had earned from his Grandma Chris that he made me lunch and was helping to do anything he could so he could go shopping. He is so strong and willing to help, even being one week out of surgery and still limping around. I am constantly amazed at what my boys do. They are so caring, helpful, and responsible.

Today was another hard one to wake up to, but I did wake up and talk to Kelton a little before he left for his bus. Not to long after he left I heard Taylor's cell phone ring and since it was so early I checked it to make sure nothing was wrong. I had left my phone on vibrate from last night and wanted to make sure someone wasn't trying to get a hold of us on one of the boys phones. I never look at my boys text messages, I promise, I will ask them about who just texted them and what is going on but I have never opened a text to them until this morning. I saw that the text was from Kelton and was nervous that something was wrong, my first thought was that he had missed his bus. That was not it, it was a text for Taylor that told T to have a good day and have fun. Once again I am so impressed with my oldest son. I mean, what 13 year old just does that?

I love both of my boys and am so glad to have them in my life. They bring such a joy to both me and Kenny. It is weird when they fight or bicker because it is so rare; although now that we're heading into this whole teenage thing it is happening a little more. It really doesn't happen that often and I know there is something wrong when they act like "normal" siblings and get mad or frustrated with each other. I am so happy that I snooped this time so I could give Kelton the kudos for being such a wonderful brother. This act of kindness would have gone by unknown if I hadn't been worried that something was wrong. It makes me wonder how many other times each of them have done something nice like this for the other and none of us knew.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sister-in-Laws and Bling

Carrie hosted a jewelry party on Saturday night and it was so much fun! I was amazed at how nice the jewelry was and that they had such good prices. It was also fun to get together with Susan, Carrie, and Karen and just have fun.

This is Alicia, the lady from Premier Jewelry. This picture doesn't even do her justice, she was so energetic and gorgeous. And look at all the jewelry that she brought for us to try on and see if we liked most of what they offer. We even played a fun party game and Karen and Susan both won cute little pocket mirrors. I still can't believe all that jewelry, I'm looking at it and wishing I could try it on again. I'm pretty sure there is a necklace there that I missed.

Carrie was our hostess and part of being the hostess is being able to wear the princess crown and boa. She looked so cute!! Her daughter kept trying to steal the boa, she is such a little princess in training.

Here is the shocker of the evening, Susan in jewelry!!!!!! She never wears jewelry and so I had to get proof that she can wear it, I had to hurry and get a picture. The ring she is wearing is so cool, unfortunately I moved or she did or maybe it was both of us from laughing because her hand is all blurry and you can't really see the bracelet or ring to well. She looked amazing in everything she tried on. I think we were all like kids in a candy store.

Karen tried on several necklaces and they all looked amazing on her. I had to sneak this shot of her looking at the necklace that she has on. She ended up getting the cutest pair of earrings.

I tried to get pictures of what we bought off the internet, but they don't have an online catalog like some of the other companies that sell jewelry by having parties. We all picked out some cute stuff and even found some good Christmas presents. I found this amazing pearl ring and am counting the days until I can wear it.

Thank you, Carrie for hosting such a fun party! I had so much fun with everyone, even though I did get home way past my bedtime :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

There are so many people from the very beginning of this nation that need to always be remembered. I am so thankful for our founding fathers and their strength to start this new nation. I am so thankful that they had the foresight to know that we needed to not have a ruler but a president. We have been blessed to be able to grow up in this land and to have the freedoms that we enjoy everyday. I am blessed to have a long line of men (and a woman) who have served honorably in different branches of our armed forces. They have been willing to keep us safe not only on the battlefront but also here at home.

I am so thankful to the military personnel that are out fighting today! I hope they know that, that they do have support here at home. Every time I see someone in uniform I want to thank them and then I chicken out because I don't want to seem dorky to the people that are keeping me safe. Just know that if any of you out there are reading this and you see me in public, know that as we pass I am saying "Thank You" over and over in my head.

I want all the families out there who have lost a loved one in battle how much I appreciated them. For the most part I have never met any of these people, but I am very proud of their courage. Your loved ones are missed by all, whether we knew them or not, because each of them had an impact on so many peoples lives. I also appreciate and am in awe at your courage as family members. You give so much of yourselves into being part of a military family and do so much behind the scenes to help and encourage everyone around you.

In my own family there have been several who have willingly and during the draft, not so willingly, serve our Country. I'm sorry to say that my scanner is still on vacation, I really wanted to add more pictures. So, instead of being able to see who I'm talking about you'll have to just read about them only.

On my mom's side of the family I think almost everyone has served in the Navy. I know that one of her Uncle's died when Pearl Harbor was bombed. All of her Uncle's were in the Navy. I know that my Grandpa McCleery was in the military but I'm not sure which branch. That is horrible and I really should have found out before writing this. If anyone wants to add that to the comments I would appreciate it. Thank You Grandpa!!

This is my Uncle Ron, my mom's brother. He served in the Navy during Vietnam and has courageously carried that with him everyday since being there. He is an amazing man who has stayed strong for his family and has been a wonderful example for me. Thank You Ron!!

This is Ron with his daughter Jessie, my cousin. Jessie also served in the Navy and was blessed to be able to serve between the two Gulf Wars so she didn't have to be in battle. I know she was on a boat (understatement I'm sure) that did mine sweeps. I think she is amazing and courageous to be out on those ships for months at a time. On facebook today she wrote,
I am a Veteran. A Veteran is someone, who at one
point in their life, wrote a blank check payable to the United States of
America for an amount up to, and including, their life. Regardless of
personal political views, that is an honor, and there are way too many
people in this country who no longer remember that fact...
I couldn't have said it better, Thank You Jessie!!

This is Jason, Jessie's husband. He also served in the Navy, that is where they met. I am thankful that he was also blessed to have his active time end before he had to be in the war that is currently going on and did not have to be in battle. He was able to come home and be a wonderful husband, father, and member of our family. Thank You Jason!!

This is of course, my Kenny. He served in the Utah National Guard Army. He has so much love for this Country and has missed being a part of the military. I'm sure he would sign up right now if he could. He was called a few times over the years and told to be ready to leave at any moment and then luckily they wouldn't need his unit. I know he would have gone and I would have supported him, but I'm glad that he has been able to be home with his family. Thank You Kenny!!

Christopher, Kenny's sister's husband, was an Army Ranger. He has also been an amazing example of patriotism and honorably served his country. He is one of the few who made it through Ranger School the first time through. Once again, I know he was on stand by and somehow he didn't have to go and see war. We were all thankful when Christy let us know that he wasn't leaving. Christopher's Dad was also in the military and is an amazing man. Thank You Christopher and Larry!!

My Dad was in the Army and was stationed in Germany during Vietnam. I'm so glad that he didn't have to be in Vietnam and in the middle of the ugliest parts of the fighting. I know that whatever he did do while in Germany had an impact on the rest of his life. He was an amazing dad and example for me. Thank You Dad!!

I know that my Grandpa Shiflett was also in the armed forces and was active duty but once again I'm not sure which branch he was in. Thank You Grandpa!!

Last, but not least, is the newest member of the family to join the military. Austin, Kenny's cousin, is in the Air Force and is stationed in Afghanistan right now. He still seems to young to be able to be gone and serving our Country in our current war. I still remember taking him to kindergarten. He is now such an amazing man and has already shown much courage and strength during his training and now his time in Afghanistan. Thank You Austin!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surgery #6

Taylor did really well yesterday for his surgery. We had to wait for about 3 or 4 hours before they took him into surgery and Taylor was so quiet and anxious. He was able to have both Grandma Shauna and Grandma Susie there with him and I am sure it helped him to have so much love and support around him. This is the first time I have ever seen him not talk to people, he wouldn't answer one question from anyone. When they get him ready for surgery they have him get into his hospital gown, they put cream on his hand to numb it for the IV, and they give him Valium to calm him before they take him back. It seems to affect him a little different each time and this time it gave him the giggles. He couldn't stop laughing. There was a couple times we thought that he was laughing at something on the TV but he was just looking around and laughing.

Before surgery they take Taylor from his room to a holding room where we met with the doctor and the anesthesiologist. The sensation he felt on the ride from his room must have been pretty crazy for him because he kept looking around with big eyes and then would just start laughing. He kept laughing while we were in the holding room and kept setting off one of his alarms because he wasn't breathing deep enough. He was so cute and to see him laughing made it a little easier to leave him and watch him go into the operating room. I think that was the first time that I didn't cry when I left him. I also think it helped having so much support there to be with me while he was in surgery. When we came out from the holding room, Carrie was there with Audrey. That was such a nice surprise and it was fun to have lunch with everyone and to be able to have such good people to visit with while we waited.

His surgery lasted forever (just over 2 hours). Usually when we're just having hardware put in it doesn't take that long. As we got closer to 2:00 pm, I started to get more and more anxious. His doctor finally came out and said that everything went really well and that because we had done so much to his knee that he was going to be really sore. Taylor didn't come back to his room until 3:00 pm and he was wide awake and feeling pain. The more I talked to him and his nurse, I think the pain was more a weird uncomfortable feeling than ouchy pain. I was surprised to see that they must have had a hard time starting an IV on him because his IV was in his foot. That kind of freaked me out, especially when they wanted Taylor to get up and start walking. They were able to remove his IV before he had to walk. Taylor was able to keep a popcicle down and then he was ready for soup and crackers and pain pills. Luckily, Grandma Shauna was able to take a couple pictures of Taylor once he was feeling good enough to eat.

Taylor was so excited for that chicken noodle soup! I tried to feed him with my left hand and was making a mess and even though this looks awkward, I was able to feed him and actually get the soup in his mouth.

This is only about two hours after surgery. We were working with the physical therapist to either fit Taylor with a walker or crutches. He didn't do so well with the crutches and so he came home with a walker. He did so well that we were able to leave the hospital by 6:00 pm. He even did wonderful walking from the car to the stairs, Kenny carried him up the stairs and then he walked to our door and into our home. He is so amazing!!

Taylor not only did wonderful getting through his surgery, he also survived having his mom and grandma's talking and visiting. We had so much fun telling stories and I always love hearing stories from mine and Kenny's mom's childhood. He survived me telling his nurse his banana costume story. And, most importantly, the staff and our room mate survived our hospital humor!

Thank you to Dr. Hennessey for doing such an amazing job and taking care of my little boy!
Thank you to Dr. Carroll for finding us and coming in to check on "her patient"!
Thank you to everyone out there who was thinking of Taylor and praying for him!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fist Bump Update

Now that I'm thinking clearly after being scoped I can say that everything went great. They didn't find much of anything, only a little inflammation somewhere and took a "bibopsy" of it. I sure hope you have all seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" now that I just referred to it. Anyway, I have the pictures and if my scanner was working I could have added them to this post and grossed you all out. Even, then the pictures aren't that bad. The only picture that made me kind of gross out was the one of the inside of my rectum, no one should have to see that. No One!!

Once the scoping was done, I was informed that because they force air into all my little passageways that I would need to pass a lot of gas and that it was okay and the nurse told me not to apologize for doing it. I was still pretty asleep when she said this, but I do remember answering her that I live in a house full of boys and that is pretty much how it is everyday around here. This is where everyone will be completely and utterly shocked...ya ready for it...I did not say sorry one time that day! I know right, I think I should get a gold star (or something gold) at least.

However, I do need to say sorry now for mentioning my rectum. I know for immediate family this will not shock anyone, but for others of you out there who may be sensitive and not speak of these things, I am sorry if I have offended your sensibilities.

I also need to add that now I am guarding my heart and the 100 feet of small intestine I have, they are the only things left that have not been completely exposed. A woman needs to have some secrets, even if they are just on the inside :)

HP ePrint "Happy Baby" Commercial Spot

I just can't help it, I love this commercial!!

I don't know where they found this cute baby, but I love his cheeks. I just want to squeeze them.
I can just watch this over and over. I also figured you would enjoy watching the commercial I like than having to hear me rant about the one that I can't stand. Yes, I'm a commercial watcher. I love seeing how creative people can be. And, yes, I have cried during a commercial almost as many times as I have laughed through them. I tried to blame the crying on age, but I think the Ad Executives are really just that good.

Enjoy watching and please try to limit to only 2 viewing per visit (it gets addictive).

The only possible thing I could ever say negative about this commercial is his outfit. It's okay, but, out of all the baby clothes out there this is what they chose? Have they not heard of Baby Gap or the Kids Place? No offence, just a suggestion.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010


What a better way to start November than to take a few minutes to remember all that I have in my life to be grateful for. My family is truly blessed every day and I would like to say thank you for those blessings.

*I am thankful for all of my extended family! I have a wonderful Mom who raised me and instilled all that I am into me. It was both my Mom and Dad that showed me how to serve others. My Step-Mom who is also one of the greatest examples of love and service I can think of. She has also helped me to know that it's okay to take down some of my walls and allow her into my life and come to love her. I have an amazing Mother-in-Law that has shown and taught me how to have great strength in the face of overwhelming odds. She is also an incredible example of service to others. Last, but not least, are my sister and my 3 sister-in-laws; all of you bring a strength all your own and teach me something that improves my life just about every day.

*I am thankful for my Husband! He has been such an amazing example to me ever since we met. I have learned so many things from him; some good examples are to never be afraid to stand up for yourself and to say what is right even if it means not being the most popular. He is such a hard worker and has always made sure that his family is taken care of, not just me and the boys, but all of our family.

*I am thankful for my boys! They have each brought so much to our family. I love how different they are and yet how similar they can be. It's always interesting to see how they can fight and then 2 seconds later be ready to protect each other from some bully at school. I can't even imagine how boring our lives would be without them.

*I am thankful to have a home! I know it's not a big show house, but it is perfect for us and we love not having to do yard work or shovel. We also don't miss "Lake Lee" :)

*I am thankful to have food for my family! It might not always be a masterpiece and there are times like tonight when we have Hamburger Helper, but there is always something to eat.

*I am thankful for my faith! There are so many times that I rely on my faith and my testimony of our Saviour. I am so thankful to be able to turn my problems over to him and know that I can rely on Him to help me through. I also am thankful that my family will be together for all eternity.

There are lots of other things to be thankful for, like, modern medicine, epidural, reliable cars, education, friends, clothes, shoes, air freshener, microwave oven, and fast food (for when you burn dinner). The list could go on forever, right down to toe nail clippers.

One of the things that I have learned is that when I'm having a bad day and start to focus on the negative (and I can do that well), if I will stop and start to realize what I have been blessed with my day always goes better.

I challenge each of us to try this and share our blessings with others this month. Maybe, if we can do this for a month it will become a part of us and we will want to continue to do it everyday.