Monday, April 19, 2010


In the midst of rushing around and trying to make sure we had everything for Kelton's birthday and making sure the Easter bunny had a little something to leave for the boys, I did spend a few moments reflecting on what this time of year truly means to me. I spent days writing and re-writing what I wanted to share with everyone. I feel as though I could have helped to spread the word of how important it is that Christ was willing to suffer, die, and be resurrected for all of us.

However, that all quickly changed when Taylor asked me a question about Resurrection a couple days before Easter.

Taylor asked if he would be perfect when he is resurrected. I answered that he would be. He then wanted to know if that meant he would have all of his fingers and if his foot would be perfect. I reassured him that all that would be fixed. He sat there thinking for a minute and didn't really seem happy or comforted by what I was telling him and I was beginning to worry when he finally looked up and said, "I don't know about all that, if I'm perfect then I won't have any of my scars and chicks like scars."

What do you say to that? I had nothing and I thought you would enjoy his insights on Resurrection better than whatever sappy thing I would have shared.

Kelton's Birthday

I am still trying to figure out where the time has gone. I know that it has been 13 years since Kelton was born, but I still think of him as my baby most of the time. I remember him crawling around and taking everything apart. His favorite things to dismantle were the doorstops at Granma's house and my treadmill.
I am trying to figure out where the cute little toddler went who had to have his hot wheels cars in their carrying case in a specific order or he would dump them all out and put them in their correct spots.
I love looking back and remembering all the naps that we took together and all the many, many times that we watched Bugs Life.
Now you are 13 and I must admit, growing into a fine young man. I am always impressed when you will help your Grandma's or an elderly neighbor. I admire your courage to stand up to bullies when they are picking on your friends.
So, I promise to remember all those things when I have to listen to you thump your music and make the house sound like a dance club when you are enjoying your birthday present.


Quick Update

I really will try to keep this a quick update, but since it has been a month since I have written I can't promise anything.

The first thing I missed updating ya'll on was Chris's Birthday. We all got together and went to dinner and then went over to mom's house to play cards, visit, and have fun.

Here I am with my mom and Chris.
Here are all the boys. They are a rowdy bunch and at one time or another have or will wreack havock on the world.
(From left to right: Taylor, Kelton, Kenny, Rex, and Ron)

My boys!

Kelton and Kenny; I'm pretty sure Kenny is smiling so big because he just made someone lose that round.

As we head into April we were blessed, I trying to remember this time as a positive time, to be able to celebrate Easter and Kelton's Birthday all on the same day. Mom and the Easter Bunny had to do some major combat shopping to meet all the demands of the day. I will go into Easter and Kelton's Birthday in more detail in other posts. But I had to add the pictures of us all together dying Easter eggs. See kids, we really did let you do this a few times growing up.

We had tons of fun spending time with family and celebrating with each other.

I'm pretty sure there were other things going on during the end of March, but that was a whole two or three weeks ago. You can't really expect me to remember that far back. All of this has taught me that I need to be more diligent in keeping up on my blog because I forget so much so quick. Dang, I hate that short term memory!!!! (old quote from Kelton)