Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swimming Monday

Kelton, Taylor, and Seth got to have fun passing away a lazy summer morning by playing in the pool. They all had so much fun and Seth stayed in the pool the entire time until we HAD to leave. They all were little prunes by the time we left.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our Ever Increasing Family

Three years ago my mom was blessed with reconnecting with one of her best friends over Facebook.  Ruby had grown up with my mom and over the years they had lost touch, like most of do.  Not only did this connection bring Ruby back into my moms life, it also brought her Godmother, Helen.  Helen was also my grandmas best fried and was the person who introduced the Catholic religion to my grandparents.  They all did many things together and now with my mom and Ruby getting back in touch we have had this whole other family come into our lives.

Up to that point I didn't even know my mom had a godmother.  I didn't know who my grandma had been friends with.  I had heard stories that it was a good friend that introduced grandma and grandpa to the Catholic religion but didn't know who it was and that was the reason they had been baptized.  Now not only do I know who it is, I also have a face and stories and pictures.  All priceless things for all of us.

Last week Helen passed away peacefully after a short battle with her health and dementia.  Here is the link to her obituary:

Tonight is her viewing and Rosary and then tomorrow will be her funeral mass.  With the sad also can come some happiness.  This happiness has been meeting all of Ruby's family.  I have finally been able to meet her wonderful husband and her children.  I have heard so much about everyone for the last few years and it was wonderful to meet everyone last night.  One of Ruby's grandson's birthday was yesterday and we all met at Chucky Cheese for his birthday party.  I can't even express what a blessing it was to be able to go and meet such an amazing family.  Ruby's son is Tony and he is married to Veronica and they have 3 of the most amazing and beautiful children.  Ruby's daughter is Brittany and her partner is Melissa.  

I have to say that at such a difficult time in their lives, they were so loving and wonderful and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.  I feel like my family just grew by leaps and bounds to now include not just Helen and Ruby but all of Ruby's family.  I want to tell you all thank you so much for being so gracious and welcoming us so openly into your family.  

I am so thankful for my mom for teaching us that family does not just include our blood relatives but all the amazing people that are lead into our lives and bless our lives.  I am so thankful to have this connection with such a wonderful family and that that connection also has such a rich history with my grandparents.

Monday, June 4, 2012

T is 13!!

My little Taylor bug turned 13 on Friday, June 1st.  He will really not appreciate me calling him my little bug, but I always do.  I'm getting better about not calling him by that nickname in public but I still say it all the time at home.  So, since this is my blog and I am writing about his birthday, I get to use his nickname.

He is becoming such an amazing young man!  He is always the first one to see if there is anything he can do to help and will say thank you for everything.  He is also my son who will hold open a door at a public place and then count how many people will say thank you and then make a big scene when he is done and there are a lot of people around about how many people would not say thank you.  He has grasped the whole idea of manners well.  That is of course until his teenage boy side kicks in and then it's all about bodily functions.

He got to go do his traditional birthday dinner with his grandma's and spend the night.  Then they take him shopping and spoil both him and his brother rotten.  He got 4 Lego sets and still has money left.  It is currently burning a hole in his pocket and will not be happy until  he gets to spend it.  He also is still totally into comic books and so he also got a Thor action figure.  His favorite food, other than pizza, is doughnuts and so he had those for breakfast on his birthday and on Sunday.  We had Sunday dinner with some of our friends and they made him a birthday cake with 13 candles on it.  My poor son finally got a birthday cake from someone else 3 days after his birthday and got to blow out candles instead of our rush song and then blowing out a lighter.  In case you didn't already know that this is our tradition, we do it to prevent any possible explosions that could come from open flame and grandmas' oxygen.

As far as I can tell he has had a wonderful birthday weekend and once I am able to take him shopping to finish spending his birthday money he will be happy.  Until that money is spent, the jury is still out on if he really has had a good birthday :)

I feel so blessed to have this wonderful man in our family.  He brings so much to our family and it wouldn't be the same if we had somehow ended up with a different child.  I love his sense of humor, his kindness, his strength, his knowledge, and how all of these come together to make one of the quickest, smartest and kindest people that I know.  I am always impressed with his sense of right from wrong and his willingness to stand up for what is right.  In that respect, Taylor has no fear of teaching others what is right and yes, I said teaching.  He doesn't just tell someone off or get angry, he takes the time to sit and talk with others and explain things.  At 13, he is so much more mature than a lot of adults I know.

Happy Birthday Taylor!!!  I hope this next year is very good to you!
Mom and Dad