Monday, October 21, 2013

WOW! October is almost over?

I would ask where the time has gone, but I know exactly where the time has gone and what we have been doing.  School started for the boys and then it started for me.  I think that all I need to say is Psychological Statistics...right?  I knew you would understand.

Kenny had surgery on his foot.  He had a horrible bunion that needed to be addressed.  Shipping it to the Congo would have still been to close.  Luckily, Kenny has been wonderful in keeping his diabetes under control and that made it possible for the doctor to be able to do the surgery.  It had gotten to the point that he could barely walk, it was so painful!  6 weeks later, he is walking so much better, now that he can walk again.  He is finally able to put weight on his foot and walk without his walking boot starting today.  It's a very big day for him!!

Taylor had surgery #8, which should be his last surgery.  He had a countdown going for the entire month before.  His surgery was last week and he is doing so much better today and is feeling good enough to walk without using a crutch.  There for a couple days, Kenny and T were both walking with a crutch.  I am so excited for T to be able to look forward and make plans that do not include planning the next surgery.  This is a big step for him!

Kelton is enjoying the first part of his Junior year.  He is still dating Amanda and they are so wonderful together!  They went to Homecoming together with their good friends and had a great time.  Kelton is also on the swim team at school and has been loving it.  I have loved to see him reach out of his comfort zone to do something new.  I also have to thank Amanda for that as well.  Her influence on this subject helped more than anything.

Although this is starting to feel like one of those "catch you up" Christmas letters, that is not what I thought I was doing when I started.  It has just been crazy and since this is also like a journal of my family for me, I wanted to do a quick update.

I also need to add how thankful I am for my family.  They are all so wonderful, patient, and loving.  Without that support I would be struggling to survive.  We have had sisters bring us dinner, and check on our patients.  Other family members have taken the time to just stop by and say hi.  There are other family that are quietly behind the scenes praying for us (they didn't tell me, I can just feel that peace and blessings coming into our life).  We also have several friends that have been reaching out and caring for us as well.

I love you all!!!  May God Bless You!

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