Friday, April 29, 2011

T's Award

Last week we received this letter in the mail informing us that Taylor was nominated by his teacher for the "Oquirrh Pride Award". I thought you would be able to read the letter better than this, so I will just tell you the important parts of the letter. To be nominated for this award you had to show certain "character education traits; Caring, Respect, Integrity, Citizenship, and Responsibility." Taylor was chosen for his "fairness/justice." His teacher wrote:

"Taylor has a strong sense of justice. He knows what is right. I have been impressed with how he treats everyone with equality and fairness."

We also had to keep this a secret from T so that he would be completely surprised today. We were so good, I usually give hints, but this time I didn't let one thing slip. I even waited in the car until I knew he was inside before I went into the school to wait for their assembly to begin.

I even made sure to video tape Taylor receiving his award. I was kind of annoyed because the lady presenting the awards had been talking into the microphone perfect for all the kids before T and then she didn't talk into it at first when T got his award. At least you can see him come up and kind of hear why he was present with this award and then you see him pose for the school picture.

This is the award that Taylor received!

This is Taylor with his teacher Mr. Raubenheimer. Mr. Raubenheimer is originally from South Africa and has brought a lot of experience with him as well as a lot of new things for the kids to learn about. He has been wonderful with Taylor and we have seen Taylor's grades continue to get better and better since having Mr. Raubenheimer as his teacher.

We took a few pictures at school of Taylor holding his award along with his other treasures that he received with the award; a water bottle, a pencil, and a band bracelet. None of them really turned out so we tried taking one at home where he wasn't distracted by all of his friends. This one turned out perfect.

Taylor we are so very proud of you and your willingness to treat others the way you want to be treated. You have such a strong sense of right and wrong and your not afraid to listen to your instincts and not just follow along with the crowd. I am constantly amazed at how strong of a personality you have and your bravery to speak our for what is right.
We love you tons and am so proud to have you as our son!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Austin's Homecoming

Now that is has been almost a week since Austin came home, I am finally able to sit down and write about his day. It was interesting to watch how the Air Force system works and I was amazed at how many times they changed his arrival time. He was supposed to be home in March and then he was finally able to come home on April 23th. They changed his arrival time four times and he was finally home just after 5:00 pm. I was so nieve when he left and had no idea what he was in for, I hope he did, I just figured that he would be there safe and sound on base. However, those silly people over there attacked the Air Force Base. I guess I can understand why, but didn't they put it together that the more they attacked the more bombs we could find and attack them right back. I'm going with we left the biggest punch.

Here we are waiting inside the hanger on Hill Air Force base... Here is Susan and Richard (Austin's Aunt and Uncle) and in the background is some of the Hunt family, they have on the black jackets, it's not the poor guy in the gray shirt that I should have probably cropped out. Who is also related to Kenny and their son is Austin's best friend (I'll show him later).

There was all four of our major news channels up there and the lady from channel 4 found Katheryn and wanted to interview her. They did a live feed for the 5:00 news where she interviewed Katheryn, Seth, and Kelton and the rest of us had to stand in the background. I did get to see the clip from the 10:00 news and there was a nice shot of my butt, at least it was shot from far away. I know, back to Austin, this is not about me :)

Everyone needs to forgive me because this amazing group of people have an official name, but I can't remember it. Every member of this group is a veteran and they meet and make sure our soldiers can get off the plane safe and they provide a buffer so that anyone who wants to protest our returning soldiers can't get to them.

I just had to take this picture because I loved how the flags were blowing in the wind. Once the plane was in place the motorcycle group rode over and made a path for the soldiers to walk down and there were flags the whole way down for them to walk through.

This is the airplane that was chartered for them, it was huge!! I don't know who this guy is but there wasn't really a way to get him out of the picture. He really should have been watching where he was walking, couldn't he see I was taking a picture here?

Yeah!!! Finally, here they come off the plane. We were ordered to stay behind the motorcycles but no one listened and Katheryn really didn't listen, she was clear to the front, almost to the plane itself. At that point it doesn't matter what you say, a mom has the right to get to her son as quickly as possible!

The lady from channel 4 was able to catch up with Katheryn and Austin and interview them both once Austin was off the plane.

This is Austin's best friend Taylor Hunt. I was so happy that his whole family was there to greet Austin and welcome him home.

Arrangements had been made to have a firetruck meet us at the edge of Grantsville and drive Austin into town. Here is Austin visiting with Karen (grey sweatshirt), Christy (red vest) and some of the Hunt family while we were waiting for the firetruck to arrive.

It finally made it and they loaded Austin up on top of this big truck along with his mom, brother, and most of the rest of the family. There were two other smaller trucks and Kelton rode on one of those. We promptly shut down Main Street and anyone who was coming into town had to wait behind our impromptu parade. All of the firetrucks had their lights and sirens going and they were honking. The rest of us followed and honked our horns all the way down Main to Apple, up to Cherry, over to Harris and all the way down Harris to Susan's house.

This is what it looked like from behind when all the firetrucks pulled up in front of the house.

Susan's Ward had put up flags all over the front yard and Karen had tied ribbons to the tree and the fence. She also put up the bouquet of balloons. This was the beautiful sight that Austin got to see when they pulled up in front of the house. Everyone did a wonderful job making sure Austin was recognized and thanked for his service.

Thank You Austin for all you have done and all you have yet to do for each one of us.

Moon Lake in Spring

I received an email from the owners of the Moon Lake Resort and this picture was attached. You would link the snow wouldn't make me want to be up there, but instead it makes me miss it even more. I really want to go up there this Fall. It's cool all day, there's usually a thunder and lightning storm every afternoon, and it's when the berries are ripe so the bears start to come around. Really it's magical up there anytime it's open.
Moon lake I miss you!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


"Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen."
(Luke 24:5-6)

I love easter and all that this season brings. I love seeing the green grass, the flowers starting to bloom and time to remember all that my Savior has done for me. I know that Christ was resurrected and that he lives. I know that through him I will be able to live again as well. I am always amazed at how deep my feelings run when I think of Christ suffering and dying for me. He was willing to go through all that pain so that little ol' me can one day return to live with him again. I know that I will be blessed to spend all of eternity with my family. I am blessed to have been able to gain this knowledge through prayer and the quiet whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

Christ freely did this for each and every one of us! I am so thankful that we have such an amazing big brother who is the perfect example for us to follow. I'm thankful to be able to repent when I make a mistake. I am also thankful for a loving Father in Heaven who not only provided a Savior for us but the knowledge that he knows our names and our needs. It is comforting to know that I can turn to him in prayer and know that he knows me and hears me. I am so thankful to have God in my life and to receive all of the blessings that he blesses me and my family with every day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank You

When I started this blog I never really thought that anyone but my poor family would really look at it and then occasionally say something nice so that I wouldn't hound them to read it constantly. As I wrote I realized how much fun I was having telling the different stories that have happened in our lives over the years. I have this obsession with checking my stats and seeing who my readers are. I'm pretty sure the stats part of it is just my numbers thing, I love seeing numbers. I just checked and there have been 1,229 page views so far (since I started). I know it doesn't compare to other blogs, but then I've always been told to not compare myself to others. I still do compare, though.

I want to thank all of you out there that check in and read about my crazy life and my embarrassing moments and even those occasional normal times (whatever those are). I love seeing that there are many of you from Russia, Poland, Indonesia, and all over the United States. I never thought that people all over the world would be interested in what some housewife in Utah would be doing.

Thank you, everyone, for taking time out of you lives to read about mine.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Far This Morning

I have had such a productive morning (since you can't hear me you have to imagine the sarcasm that is dripping from my voice). First I actually woke up on time, even a little early. That in itself is a miracle, maybe even a slightly larger than small miracle. Really, honest truth. Kelton was even up and ready for the school bus on time. I'm fairly sure that he would have preferred that I was still asleep though because he got a little lecture from me on personal hygiene. My poor son!

After Kelton left, I thought I would be good and try to catch up on my reading for Sunday School and started reading through all the random chapters in Mark and Luke (I'm really behind). I even kept track of the time and woke Taylor up on time so he could be ready on time. That's when all that good motivation ended, it just stopped right there dead in its tracks, I had fallen asleep with my Bible open on my lap. Taylor woke me up and was trying to convince me that if I didn't feel well then he could stay home and take care of me. I quickly reminded him that he has to go to school and that he only has a half day anyway.

I walked in the door from dropping Taylor off at school all ready to start dishes and finish up my laundry. So, I sat down and got caught up on what everyone had added since yesterday on Facebook, checked my email and now I'm writing this random post. I am listening and occasionally watching The Price is Right. The good news to this is that so far no one has bid one dollar higher than someone else, yet. I hate it when they do that, I think there should be a rule that bidding one dollar higher should be banned.

Okay, now I really need to get to those dishes since they are pilled high. I made cookies and Steak Stroganoff last night and I have a total mess on my hands. At least laundry is almost done and I was even a mean mom last night and made the boys put away their laundry, my bed was actually cleaned off and ready for us to go to bed last night. That was a true miracle. I need to get all this done and get our clothes ready so we can go to the Temple tonight. It all needs to be done this morning because Jason Priestly is on The Talk this afternoon and all of a sudden I am sixteen again and can't miss it. Did I mention that Kenny has met him? He has! Kenny was on a business trip to an Indy car race and Jason Priestly was there and they were just chillin in the winners circle. I'm not jealous, nope, not at all. I was just at home, sick and big as a whale pregnant with Taylor. Oh, and lets not forget that Kelton was a toddler and I was on and off of bed rest so I had to go stay with my sister so she could take care of Kelton. Nope, no jealousy here (once again since you can't hear my voice, you need to know I'm being sarcastic and Kenny and I joke about this all the time. I promise).

Now that I have shared all my random thoughts and have successfully procrastinated for another half hour, I really will go and get my work done. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Smoke Detectors

I have a love hate relationship with most smoke detectors. I like that we have them and that they will go off and save our lives if we have a fire. I hate how sensitive they are and how they can just go off because they want to. Really, they have this mind of their own and will go off even when there's barely any smoke. We have several stories that include smoke detectors that cover the span of many, many years. Our smoke detectors here in our apartment are very sensitive and I'm always worried that the neighbors are going to complain about our stupid detectors. Because of our most recent experiences with our smoke detectors here it reminds me of my most memorable story that involved not only a smoke detector but an entire alarm system.

We had moved into a home in Salt Lake City just a few months earlier and the home was our favorite home so far that we have lived in. Taylor was just little and he had one of the neighbor girls over and I was making them lunch, grilled cheese sandwiches. All of a sudden the smoke detector starts to go off. I jump into action and start to do the only thing I know of to do, swing the broom in front of the smoke detector so it will move the smoke away. Only this is different, the broom isn't working. That's when it dawned on me that it had triggered the alarm system. I knew the house had an alarm system but never gave it a second thought. The sandwich that I was cooking was barely black, not even really burnt, but it had set off the entire alarm system. In my confusion with the noise I called Kenny. Who else would I call but my husband? Don't all husbands know all and can fix everything? Here is how our phone call went and you have to keep in mind that the alarm has already been going off for a few minutes before I called Kenny and it was still sounding in the background of our conversation.
Kenny: Hello
Me: I need your help, the alarm is going off!!!
Kenny: How did you do that? I can hear it.
Me: I was cooking grilled cheese sandwiches. How do I turn this off?
Kenny: I don't know! I'm in the middle of test driving a car and I need to get back to the shop.
Me: If you're already out driving then come home, I need your help!!
Kenny: You don't understand, this car is ready to die right here on the freeway, I can't come.
Me: Fine!
I hung up and walked around in circles trying to figure out what to do. I couldn't handle the noise and was beginning to wonder what the neighbors were starting to think. This stupid alarm had been going off for over 15 minutes at this point. Kenny called back a few minutes later when he was back at work and suggested that I call the alarm company. Duh! That was an obvious suggestion, why didn't I think of that? Oh yea, I have the house screaming at me. I found our phone book and looked up the number to the alarm system company. Here is how this conversation goes (with the alarm still sounding in the background):
Poor Guy: Hello, bla bla bla company how may I help you?
Me: I am having a problem with the alarm system in my house.
Poor Guy: Ya, I can hear it. Did you enter your code to turn it off?
Me: I don't have a code. We are renting this house and I haven't activated the alarm system.
Poor Guy: Then why is it going off if you don't have it activated? Just put in your code!
Me: I DON'T HAVE A CODE!!!!!! Please tell me how to turn this off.
Poor Guy: Why is it going off in the first place?
Me: I burned a grilled cheese sandwich and that set off the smoke detectors.
I'm pretty sure I can hear chuckling on the other end of the phone but with the alarm still going off I can't say for sure. I know he was laughing at me.
Poor Guy: Um, we need to have you unplug the system. (He then continues to talk me through where the system should be located and how to cut the power to it.)
Me: It is still going off, that didn't stop it.
Poor Guy: It must have a back up battery in it, you are going to have to open the main box and pull out the battery.
Me: huh?
At this point I have to move several sheets of sheet rock (those suckers are heavy) so I can reach the main box and then this poor guy has to talk me through opening up the box (which required using tools, so he had to wait while I went back and forth to the garage) and removing the heaviest battery I have ever held. Finally, there was silence! I'm pretty sure I have permanent damage from this experience. I think the guy on the phone could have come away with some damage as well, that is how loud the alarm was.

Once we have the battery out I thank him and hang up. I know everyone in the office that day got a good laugh out of this one, they had to have, I'm still laughing about the day I burned a grilled cheese sandwich, yelled at my husband to get home, and then had to explain that I had set off the alarm from burning a stupid sandwich. I then did have one neighbor come over to see what had happened and why the alarm had been going off for so long. Note, she didn't come over until all was quiet. I'm glad it was something silly and not something serious.

I had to share this story because it was better than the time that I set off the smoke detector making french toast while my mom was in the shower and had her hair full of shampoo. That one is a much shorter story and it isn't as funny because I was the one getting yelled at instead of the poor guy at the alarm company. I really have gotten better over the years and now the only time we really have to worry is if Kenny is baking a pizza or french fries.

In general, we are both much better and I really am thankful for the poor guy who just happened to be the one to answer that phone call. I'm glad that he could help and talk me through disconnecting the alarm system. Kenny and I were talking about this over the weekend while we were remembering things that have happened while we have been married. I'm sorry to say that I still need to forgive and understand that he couldn't come home that day. I understand the car was ready to break down and leave him stranded, but if he was already on the freeway and heading in my direction, I still think he could have made it to the house. Okay, maybe he couldn't, but it's hard for me to think that because I just wanted him there.

Kenny, thank you for being so patient with me and my emergencies!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

17 years ago we said "I Do"

This is us 17 years ago today. It was such an amazing day that is full of memories and happiness. I married my best friend that day and have been blessed to have him by my side ever since. I like to joke with Kenny that we were betrothed before we came to earth, our meeting and our marriage was meant to be. I can't believe that I was 18 in this picture and Kenny was 21. We were so young and yet understood the seriousness of what we were doing.

From the day that we met I knew that he was the "one" and that somehow things would work out for us to get married even though we had some differences to work through. I will always be thankful for some wonderful advice that Adrian gave me when he could tell that I was struggling with some big decisions that needed to be faced. There were so many times that either one of us could have changed our minds and said that this was just too hard, but we didn't, we talked through all of our fears, our plans for the future, and all the reasons why we could still make things work. I know it has only been 17 years since we said "I Do" but as I look back over the years I love to see how things have followed what we had planned and how a few of those plans have changed.

On April 16, 1994 none of those things were on my mind. I spent the morning getting my nails done and then my dad picked me up and drove me to Grantsville. Kenny's Grandma had spent days and days making carrot cake for us to serve at the reception. Kenny's aunt Katherine did my hair and it turned out wonderful. His aunt Patti made our wedding cake and it was amazing. We didn't have any decorations for our reception until that afternoon when Kenny's uncle Roger brought over some decorations he had from a previous event and things quickly came together. We had to wait until an unexpected funeral was over so that we could get into the church and decorate and get everything ready. We were young and poor and our Mom's were both single mom's and didn't have a lot of money, but our wedding and reception turned out wonderful because of all the family that pulled together and made our day one to remember. I am still so grateful for everyone who pulled together and worked so hard so our wedding could be so nice for us. Even after so much time, I still don't know how to truly thank all that stepped in and helped.

We got married in the same church as Kenny's mom and dad got married in. When I found out that we got married in the same place as his parents I thought that was so neat and a memory that we will all always share. We were so blessed to have all of our family around us for our wedding ceremony and for our reception. I look back and think of how hard I was on myself and know now that we could have been married in the Temple, however, none of our family would have been with us. Even knowing that we could have just been married in the Temple instead of waiting a year to be sealed, I wouldn't have changed a thing. I think it would have broken my heart to not have my parents with me and my sister with me when I was married. I know that Kenny feels the same way.

Over the 17 years that we have been married we have faced many challenges and I am so proud of us for not running away from any of the hardships that have come our way. I am also proud of us to have used those times to grow closer. It hasn't always been easy (I knew it wouldn't be) but our life together so far has been worth every challenge and adventure that we have shared.

I still can't believe that it has been 17 years since my dad walked me down the isle (and stopped offering us money to not get married :) ) and we stood before so many of our family and friends and pledged to love one another for the rest of our lives. There are days like today when the memories of that day are still so fresh in my mind that it feels like yesterday.

I love you Kenny and will for all eternity! I am so thankful that we were brought together and now I get to spend forever with my best friend.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy Hair

Today is crazy hair day at Kelton's school. It took so long to get that many pony tails in his hair and we didn't even get to do the back because we ran out of time. While doing his hair this morning I realized how nice it is to have boys.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Ultrasound Experience

Yesterday I had to have an ultrasound because my body has decided that it doesn't need or want blood any more. I'm sorry if this is to much for some people to know about me, but this does get funny and I truly feel as though I am here to make others feel normal. In order for me to fulfill that, I have this huge need to share all my embarrassing moments with you all.

To keep this as general as possible, my period has taken on a life of its own and has insisted on staying around for the last 2 months. Because of this, I needed to have an ultrasound so that we can figure out what to do next. We need to get me to stop bleeding before I (this is just my guess) turn into a vampire because I will need blood. My boys told me that it's okay for me to be a vampire as long as I'm a sparkly one. Before it comes to that, I really am hoping that my doctor can help me.

Normally I am a little more articulate and coordinated than I was yesterday. Kenny was sweet and said that it was just nerves that caused me to act the way I did during my appointment. He is so patient and wonderful.

My morning started with me drinking 60 ounces of water, 32 ounces didn't seem like enough and I am an overachiever. I showed up for my appointment very prepared with a full bladder. The cute little technician that did my ultrasound was so nice and sweet. Once we started the ultrasound we started chatting a little and I found out that she is 29 weeks pregnant. She is so petite and has the perfect little beach ball. She is one of those cute women who has it all together and you can't say anything mean because she is so amazingly nice. As we talked with my rolly polly's showing she mentioned that her shirts are starting to fit her like short shirts. I shared with her that I remembered those days and that I always felt like Winnie the Pooh. No comment followed, I could hear crickets. She then said that she is trying to use her husbands t-shirts to sleep in and they are too small on her. I just looked at her and blurted out, but you're so tiny. More crickets, her next comment was, "lets find your ovaries."

We were now done with the first part of my ultrasound and I was apologizing if I had offended her by saying she was tiny. She said she was fine, but I wasn't. I felt so awkward and tongue tied since she didn't appreciate my Winnie the Pooh comment, either. She walked me to the restroom so I could finally use the bathroom before we started the next part of my ultrasound. Once I was done I tried and tried and tried to flush the toilet but it wouldn't flush. I thought maybe it would help to wait and try again; so I washed my hands and then while holding the paper towel I tried to flush it again several time. It would not flush. I entered the ultrasound room apologizing again because I could not get the toilet to flush. She just smiled and said she would take care of it and that I needed to undress so we could do the other ultrasound (the inside one).

I started to get ready for part 2 when I heard the toilet flush...what the heck? she flushed the toilet! I was sitting on the bed waiting for her and when she came in I said, "don't tell me that you flushed that toilet." She said yes, she had forgot that with that toilet you have to kick it. She just went in there and kicked the handle and all was done. Now why didn't I think of that? Who kicks a toilet? I'm still in awe that this little sweet pregnant woman went into the bathroom and kicked the toilet handle with her little pink clog.

My cute technician got me the stepping stool so I could get back up on the bed and it really wasn't a big step to get on the stool, but I managed to trip and almost took out the ultrasound machine. She quickly turned around and said, "here, let me hold this for you." I really don't think this visit could get any worse at that point. Really, who else could cram this much humiliation into less than an hour? Part 2 of my ultrasound went pretty quick and then I was done. When I was dressed and put back together again, she had someone else lead me out to the waiting room so I could leave. I think I was almost jogging trying to get out of there.

I'm glad that I had this done so that I have an idea of what is wrong and now I just have to wait for my doctor to call me and give me the final diagnosis and then we can start to make plans so I can hopefully return to a little more normal life soon.

I am so thankful for patient and nice people that can keep their cool when dealing with a fumbling dork like me. I want to thank that technician for being not just patient and nice but also for being gentle.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taylor's Over Nighter

Taylor had his first overnighter as an 11 year old scout. He had complained for 2 days leading up to this because it has been snowing. It was snowing huge, wet, snowflakes all Friday. I had to get this picture of him as they were loading up and leaving. I love that Kenny has a huge grin on his face and Taylor is glaring at me. He kept saying, "my pants are going to freeze to the tent." I assured him that since his dad had already done that, he wouldn't let Taylor's pants freeze.

Here is what my living room looked like when they came home this morning. Taylor made one trip in and dumped everything on the floor. Kenny made another trip to get the rest of their things from the car and started putting everything away. After asking Taylor a few times to take his backpack and empty his wet clothes out, it is still sitting on the floor by our couch.

They both had fun, got really wet and cold, and was happy to be home.

My day in pictures

I had this brilliant idea on Thursday to take pictures of my day. It all started when I saw pigeons on my balcony. They were actually kind of pretty. I wish the detail showed up better, this one's neck was so purple. I had fun just watching them, the other one flew away when it saw my camera. I had no idea that pigeons are camera shy.

Then it got a little harder to continue with taking pictures of what I saw that day. I was driving out to Grantsville to see my friend Michele and it was so windy that there was no way for me to get the picture I really wanted. If you live in Utah and have ever driven the Great Salt Lake when a storm is blowing in, it turns this shade of green that can be amazing. Thursday it was so distracting to look at as I took the on ramp to I-80. The lake was so green and the Islands were dark blue and the sky was almost black. It was amazing to see, I really should have pulled over and tried to get a picture but with the wind and all the semi's on the freeway I chickened out. Hopefully there will be a next time.

As I drove into Grantsville there was this wall of black to my right (or north). The further into town I got, the further the clouds rolled down the mountains and the blacker it got. I did take a second to get a picture of the clouds and mountains while I was waiting to turn. This picture doesn't even do the weather justice. I couldn't believe how many different shades of blues and blacks there were and how dark it was to the right and coming closer. I barely made it to Michele's before it opened up and down poured. I love big storms like that! I could hear thunder and as I drove back into Salt Lake I watched it lightening all over the city.

I didn't end up with all the pictures I had in mind when I had that wonderful thought in the morning, but I still think it will be fun to try doing this again and being more prepared next time.

Kelton's 14th Birthday

Kelton turned 14 this week, actually back on April 4th. I've been a little slow this week and along with my laundry suffering, so has my poor blog. Which also means that Kelton had to wait for me to write about his birthday.

Kelton's birthday ended up being a 4 day event (it usually is). He spent the night with his Grandma's Shauna and Chris and then they took him birthday shopping last Saturday. I was surprised when he only came home with a couple of Lego sets (I'm proud of ya mom).

Sunday, we went to Tooele and invaded Kenny's Grandma's house. Kenny took over being the master chef of Hamburgers and cooked Kelton's birthday dinner for that night. We enjoyed one of Kelton's favorite dinners, cheeseburgers and chips (we did add some fruit and veggies in there but that was not his request).

The boys eating dinner; Seth, Kelton, Taylor.

Grandma Ruth, she was so nice to let us all invade her house and stink it up with the smell of cheeseburgers! She also didn't mind that I invited all of Kenny's sisters and their families up for cake and ice cream. I was thankful to have Heri, Carrie, and Audrey come up and help us eat cake and ice cream. Kelton was spoiled here as well, he got some stuff to help him not smell quit so much like a teenage boy from his aunt Carrie and an amazing outfit from his Grandma Susie.

Monday night was his actual birthday and he wanted to have chicken enchiladas for dinner. I was also requested to make them like his aunt Christy's. I didn't have a recipe but I had watched her make her enchiladas once so I started dumping and they turned out wonderful.

We had Grandma Shauna and Chris and my sister over for dinner and we did our traditional super fast happy birthday song before the lighters burnt any fingers. It's fun to see how fast we can sing the song and even though my mom can be without her oxygen when she is sitting I think we'll keep the tradition. It's just fun!

I couldn't believe it when they got to our home and started to unload all this ice cream. I said they could bring ice cream, but I was not expecting this. Everyone got to have their own pint of ice cream to go with the strawberry cake that Kelton had me make.

This part is just to good not to share. My mom, in her sugar induced silliness, said that she was going to start a new birthday tradition of table dancing. I told her to go for it but that it was Becca's table so she might want to run that idea past her. This is Becca'a reaction once she realized what mom was talking about. Priceless!!
Kelton finally got his present from his mom and dad on wednesday, when we could finally track down a lego star wars III for the WII. We have barely seen either of the boys since that video game entered this house. I think Kelton ended up having a good birthday.

A quick side note, Kelton came home on his birthday and cleaned his room then he has been way helpful all week. He even seemed to enjoy being alone with me while Kenny and Taylor were gone to a boy scout overnighter. I think if this is how 14 is going to be, I will really like this year.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fire Drill

While I was watching the Mentalist last night one part of the episode reminded me of an adventure I had many years ago. The part I'm speaking of is when Patrick pulls the fire alarm to empty out the building so they can find the doctor that they need to question. While they are talking you can hear the fire trucks pull up with their sirens going. For some reason it reminded me of when my house caught on fire.

Picture it, Spring 1997 and I am in our first house in Tooele. It was the cutest little 2 bedroom brick (okay cinder block) home. I was pregnant with Kelton and was due in just a few weeks. I was getting ready for work one day and while I was in the shower I could smell smoke. I started looking from my belly to the little bathroom window that was there in the shower. I started to panic, I didn't know where the fire was and the smell of smoke was getting stronger. The more I looked at myself and the window I knew there was no way I could fit through the window, I was a beached whale who was waiting for Green Peace to show up any day to figure out how a whale had got this far inland. I soon started to picture myself squeezing through the window and being stuck in my backyard naked and trying to hide behind some of our bushes. There was no way I was actually going to do that, there were spiders and bugs out there. What would I have done once the firefighters got there? I couldn't have just stood up naked to announce that I had crawled through the window and had been hiding outside. I couldn't afford the therapy those brave men would have needed if I had done that to them. I thought maybe I could yell and get their attention from my hiding place to let them know that I was there and needed a blanket to I could cover up and come out.

I finally calmed down and hoped that since I was in the shower wet that if the fire was bad enough I could at least stay wet and hopefully not get burned. After sitting there for what felt like forever, I finally got enough courage to turn off the water and try feeling the door to see if it was hot. The door was cool and the smoke smell had seemed to have lessened a little. I attempted to wrap myself in a towel and check out the house and find where the fire was. I couldn't find anything and so I decided to call my boss and let him know that I thought there was a fire in my home and that I was going to be late. Our conversation went something like this:
boss: why are you calling me, you need to call 911!
me: I am going to call 911 but I needed to let you know that I'm having problems this morning and I will be late.
boss: I don't care about you being late, just call 911!!!
In the wall in front of me I heard a pop, sizzle, sizzle, pop. I dropped to the floor and landed flat on my stomach (sorry Kelton) and shouted into the phone, "Oh Shit!!!!!!"
At this point my sweet boss who I am sure has never sworn ever in his life hung up on me so I would call 911. Mind you that at this point all I had gotten on was some underwear, so while I was on the phone with the 911 operator I was frantically trying to get dressed.

By this point I am completely frazzled and wondering if my dropping to the floor on top of my baby is going to cause him any brain damage. I am waiting for the calvary to show up and save me and make sure that the fire in the wall was out. After the trauma of thinking I was going to have to shove my pregnant body out a little window and then having my wall sound like Rice Krispies, do you know what kind of calvary came to my aid? I got some fire Marshall in an old Plymouth car. No hook and ladder truck, no water truck, not even the little fire EMT truck.

What were my tax dollars paying for? I had a fire in my wall and all I got was a car with one fire Marshall to come check it out! It reminds me of the t-shirts that were so popular in the 80's that said "Grandma and Grandpa went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" The fire Marshall should have brought one of those with him for me. It could have said, "I had an electrical fire in my wall and all though I was completely traumatized all I got was one firefighter in a car and this lousy t-shirt."

I live near one of the fire stations in West Jordan now and I hear them drive by all time. I think they bring out the entire force for every call they receive and now that I'm older I know more about how much it costs them to drive those big fire trucks around. It has been 14 years and I am still a little upset that when I called for help and I had a fire I only got some old car and one fire fighter. What if it had caused me to go into pre-term labor or something else more serious would have happened instead of just my little fire? I'm pretty sure I would have gotten the response that feel I should have gotten. In fact I know I would have because I lived by a lot of older people and every time one of them had a heart attack or a fall the whole volunteer fire department would show up.

Kenny's Grandma has a little sign in her Kitchen that says,
"when God closes a door he always opens a window."
On that day, someone forgot to take into account that I was way big pregnant and the window was too small for my butt!