Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A horrible, no good, very bad day!!!!!

I keep wishing that today was just a bad dream that was part of my migraine last night, but now that it is time for me to get ready for bed I am coming to the awful truth that today really did happen. I know we all have bad days and sometimes when we think our day can't get any worse, it does. That has been my day today. I vowed to never speak of work on my blog and I'm not really going to start now, but just now that it was a rough day. The kind of day that before you even reach 10:00 am you start thinking that you should have never gotten out of bed.

It didn't start bad. I didn't even poke myself in the eye with my mascara brush this morning. I think my depth perception has left me for the summer, which has been really bad news for my eyes and our car. Unlike Ralph in a Christmas Story, I'm not going to go blind from soap poisoning, it will be from mascara. So far I have been pretty lucky and Kenny hasn't forced me to get a bus pass even though I have run the car into two things in the past week.

Back to today. There comes a point in the day that one of two things happen. One; God knows that you need to be able to laugh or your going to start crying. Or two, Satan knows that if you notice what is about to come in front of you, you will notice it and make fun of it because that is your weakness. No matter how this came to happen it saved my hide. It helped me to not cry while driving down I-15 and crashing the car into one more thing. It gave me a good laugh which distracted me from focusing on all that had happened today. And, well, of course I have to make fun of this.

Alright, I should never have taken this with my phone or while driving (shhhhh, you never heard me say that). So the picture is really blurry but you can just make out the pin striping on the back that looks like a mustache. Really, this car has a mustache on it's butt. Who does that? I did make sure to crop it so no one can see their license plates, I had to do this to protect the innocent. But, really who would pay money to put that on their car?

The next innocent victim was some poor person who had just bought this cute little red car and their front passenger wheel was wobbling all over the place. Could they not feel that? And they had really just bought it, it had the temporary tag in the window.

As soon as I realized that I wasn't about to loose a tire and that I don't have a mustache on my car butt, my day didn't really seem all that bad. It quickly reminded me that it can always be worse. And then it did get worse, my computer crashed. I think I have it fixed now, but who knows.

At least I don't have a car butt mustache!

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  1. :( .....I am sorry. All I can do at the end of those kind of days is laugh because if I ask what else can happen to me today...sure enough God will test me :)