Friday, February 7, 2014

A New Year with Lots of Heart

Normally people write about the new year in January when the year really is new.  This year, I have decided to go a different route and begin my new year in February.  I gave myself that first month off.  I would like to think it was for good behavior. But we all know it's not. Hahaha!

I honestly can't believe that it's February already.  This Sunday would be my dad's birthday.  Next week is Valentines Day.  We already had groundhog day, but who really pays attention to that little shit anymore?  He never has good news.  And it's not quite time for the munchkin and the rabbit.

We were talking the other night about Valentines Day and were remembering our first Valentines Day together.  When you are dating everything with that person is all new and exciting.  You are still trying to impress each other.  During that time in our lives, I was working in a call center during the evenings.  Kenny had bought me 2 dozen red roses.  They were arranged perfectly with just the right amount of baby's breath. He bought them in Tooele and then drove in to my apartment in Taylorsville with them.  He was so proud that he made it all that way without spilling them or hurting any of them in any way.  He sneaked in while I was at work that evening and placed them on our kitchen table.  He thought he would be sneaky and hide down the hall and give me a second surprise, him being there.  It was supposed to look like he just dropped them off and left.  The only problem with that plan, you ask?  Well, he forgot to hide his coat with him.  I asked my mom where he was and she told me he left.  I asked again where he was and she tried to tell me again that he was gone.  I asked a third time and she finally asked me why I didn't believe her.  I told her that his coat was sitting on the chair by the roses. She tried to convince me that he must have forgotten it, but he eventually came back down the hall. He was so bummed that I took that part of the surprise from him by figuring out that he was still there.

It was so memorable that to this day, 20 years later, I can remember that he was wearing his new Arizona jeans that had a dark wash to them, his Arizona button up shirt that was dark blues and purple. He had a brown suede coat (the one that was sitting on the back of the chair).  I can still remember the deep red of the roses and the amazing smell they had.  Kenny remembers my moms partner shooting him daggers of jealousy.

I remember that feeling of pure innocent joy.  Butterflies in my stomach.  The idea that at that moment, everything was right in the world.  Well, at least in my little world it was. He spent so much time figuring out what I would like and then going out of his way to surprise me with both little and big things. And moments.

We have all different kinds of Valentines Days since that first one.  They have been big celebrations with a weekend away and smaller remembrances of the love that we have for each other.  All have been good.