Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sean Connery & Chocolate Pudding

There was several funny stories that happened while I was in the hospital. There are always funny stories when you are coming out of anesthesia and while you are taking pain meds. During my second hospital stay that I posted a couple days ago, I had the most interesting lunch and I have to share it with everyone.

I need to say that I was pretty much asleep when my lunch came and in my dream Sean Connery was the one who brought me my lunch. It was like we were old friends it was so nice of him to come visit. I woke up enough to start eating a little of the food. It was one of the best cheese pizza's I have had. Wheat crust, creamy pesto and mozzarella cheese. The only problem was that Sean was gone now and I wasn't fully awake, that lead to me taking a bite and then choking on my food because I had fallen asleep. Needless to say, I didn't get to eat too much of my lunch that day. There was one particular item that I had to finish though, chocolate pudding. I have no idea why, I think I can blame it on the importance that Sean brought it to me and that I was on pain meds and I was in what I call my "coma" when I can not wake up.

Every time my mom would try to take my lunch and move it away I would grab my pudding and start eating. This went on for a while and the same thing happened every time anyone tried to move my lunch. Each time I would take a spoon full and then fall asleep with the spoon in my hand almost spilling the pudding onto my chest. The last time my mom tried to move my lunch and try to reason with my sleepy self I actually whined like a little kid. I remember saying this but I don't remember that I was being a whinny kid. I said "Don't take my pudding!"

I am still being teased about my lunch that was brought to me by Sean Connery and that I got so upset when anyone tried to take my pudding. Even though much of that lunch was spent asleep I will always cherish the kindness of Sean Connery and the best tasting pre-packaged chocolate pudding ever!

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